Monday, July 2, 2018

MOHAWK review, (streaming on Netflix)


The War of 1812 is in the last few weeks of conflict when a British spy seeks allies from a Mohawk tribe, inspiring one to commit a brutal act of sabotage when he burns an American encampment in their sleep. The survivors seek revenge and hunts the Native back to his people where the British spy and their lover, a girl named "Oak", are chased through the wilderness as they seek refuge with a nearby Mission.

Shot with unforgiving brutality, Mohawk eschews the traditional trappings of easy morality and dives deep into deeply troubled waters of xenophobia, fear, and inhumanity. Kaniehtiio Horn delivers a harsh performance as Oak, a woman in a menage trois relationship with fellow native "Calvin" and British spy "Joshua". But it's her story of desperation that drives the film toward it's bloody climax.

Ted Geoghegan (“We Are Still Here”) directs this film like a nightmarish dream that weaves through the North-East wilderness, moments often passing too quickly to be in real time and other moments moving slowly. We walk in circles, lost in mists and darkness, and flickering torches give us pause to the shadows around the characters.

8 out of 10 an a definite recommend. Streaming on Netflix.

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