Saturday, October 26, 2019

Halloween Horror FilmFest: The Rules

My wife is a patient, loving, and caring soul. But she really is not really backing me up on my annual tradition, and that's okay. But one of the things that frustrates her is that my movie picks are often confusing, she is also frustrated with my flat out refusing to watch some movies, and she simply doesn't understand THE RULES.

UNO: Films that specifically take place during Halloween are all eligible, regardless of genre.
(Arsenic and Old Lace, et al)

TWO-O: Horror films that have no set time period may also be eligible.
(Alien, et al.)

THREE-P-O: Films with a dark supernatural flair may also be eligible with caveats.
* I call this the Ghost rule, because it's not horror but it has ghosts.*

FOUR-E-O-E-O: the following traits disqualify a film : Any other holiday (Other than Friday the 13th which CAN occur during the fall).

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