Monday, January 16, 2012

The Purpose of my Blog

"Purpose. It's that little thing that lights a fire up under your ass."

Why do I talk about movies, plays, and wrestling? Why do I tell you what I think about these things, post it on my facebook, and then leave it up on this blog for random passer-by trolls to take a gander? Because I'm an attention whore. But, more than that, I also think there are plenty of things that people should take the time to check out and watch. That's why most of my reviews are usually based on movies that aren't as well known, aren't as well-reviewed, or aren't as publicized as the usual mumbo jumbo you can see in your daily paper or local television cable outlet. I think that local performers deserve the same glowing praise or open mockery that most blockbusters receive, though the latter doesn't happen nearly so much as the former. (I've been called an "easy sell" on more than a few occasions, but I'm still not going to pull any punches when it comes down do it.)

However, looking back at the past year... I'm seeing more blockbusters than indy and direct to DVD stuff that I used to focus on. I'm not happy with that. So I've been spending alot of time at home this past week, sick with strep, and wanting to make my blog more about me and my original purpose for keeping it. I want you, dear readers, to know about the little underground shit that has so fascinated me throughout my life. I want you to know about the movies that some executive looked at and passed it by because it didn't fit THEIR mold. I want you to look at the wrestling that SHOULD be getting standing ovations, instead of passed on in favor of a John Cena "five finger shuffle" fist drop. I want you to take a gander at the local artists and performers who buckle up a costume, get into character, and strut their stuff on a stage in front of people who might run into them in the grocery store rather than hide in relative obscurity of a hollywood mansion. So, we're going back to the woodshed this year and I plan on doing reviews of shit that really hits me hard... if it's REALLY fucking bad, I'm going to tear it apart. If it's REALLY fucking good, I'm going to sell you on something you maybe overlooked.

So... yeah, just rambling here... This particuliar post served no purpose whatsoever beyond that.

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